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Your new 12 week training program is ready! Choose your program to suit your goals, build muscle, create your best shape yet, cut body fat and show off your hard work! You can train at home or in the gym with coach Mark Carroll’s 12 week training programs. Whether you’re a beginner with no equipment at all or an advanced trainer working for your best physique, male or female, coach Mark Carroll has a program for you!

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The mark carroll method

Get a result, keep the weight off,
change your life!

You will follow a plan proven to get results, eat with balance following Mark’s principles for flexible dieting and learn every step of the way to not just achieve results but change your life. Mark is dedicated to your experience not just for changing your physique, but to deepen your understanding of training & nutrition.

The Mark Carroll method is based on almost 15 years of industry experience, derived from thousands of hours of in person, face to face sessions with clients from all walks of life. Having evolved over the years to be reflective of the latest science and evidence based findings, Mark’s methods have helped over 30,000 men and women transform around the world, and he wants to help you, be your best and smash your goals.

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Find your FIT!

What is your goal? Find your fit with one of Coach Mark Carroll’s 12 week training and nutrition programs. Each program is accompanied by an educational guidebook, with videos to watch and learn from and training templates for you to use, exactly like Mark gives his private online coaching clients.

Do you want to lose body fat, increase muscle mass, totally change the shape of your physique or back off dieting completely and reverse diet, building your calories back up to your baseline and beyond? Choose from the program below and begin your journey with the Mark Carroll method. We can’t wait to see your results.

You will get results

Train with coach mark carroll

Your 12 week training program is ready for you to start now!

Digital Guidebook

  • Calculate your custom cals & macros
  • Follow a periodised 12 week program designed for progression
  • Use the workout template Mark Carroll uses with his private coaching clients
  • Education to accompany your training & nutrition
  • Join our community for 24/7 support.


  • The Challenge: 8 weeks to transform!
  • 12 week programs for men & women
  • Home & gym training
  • Beginner, intermediate to advanced trainers


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