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The mark carroll method


You will follow a plan proven to get results, eat with balance following Mark’s principles for flexible dieting and learn every step of the way to not just achieve results but change your life. Mark is dedicated to your experience not just for changing your physique, but to deepen your understanding of training & nutrition.

Now you can train with Mark’s methods on the new interactive app. Unlock 16 weeks of app access when you purchase a digital guidebook. You will be able to keep your guidebook forever and download the excel training templates in your guide!

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Find your FIT!

What is your goal? Find your fit with Coach Mark Carroll’s 12 week training and nutrition programs. Each program includes 16 weeks of app access and an educational guidebook, with videos to watch and learn from. Train with Mark’s latest methods and experience a health & fitness transformation fuelled with education.
Learn how to achieve your best result and keep it!

Do you want to lose body fat, increase muscle mass, totally change the shape of your physique or back off dieting and build your baseline calories up high? Find the right program for you and begin your journey with coach Mark Carroll!

You will get results

Train with coach mark carroll

Your 12 week training program is ready for you to start now!

Digital Guidebook

  • Yours to keep forever
  • Education guidebook
  • Periodised 12 week program
  • Excel spreadsheets of training programs
  • Join our community for 24/7 support.

Web App Access

  • Calorie & macro calculator
  • Log your weights
  • Track progress
  • Watch exercise videos
  • 16 weeks app access
  • Start anytime after purchase