In the last year my methods for building the bikini body have been displayed on a global level thanks to the power of social media and more specifically for me, Instagram. Social media has allowed the world to see my results, showcased by the women I train which I am truly grateful for. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with female influencers from around the globe which has contributed to my success and to building my brand. I’m often asked, “what is the Mark Carroll method for building ‘THE’ bikini body?”.
Well, this is answered with my favorite phrase these days, “It depends”.
How so? Well because every physique is so different, which in my opinion the key is to build upon our weak body parts whilst simultaneously losing body fat, which will enable you to be able to reveal a more shapely, strong yet feminine physique.
Having said that, when I analyze and really look at what I do with my female clients, I see a common theme and consistencies across all of them which include and are not limited to the following...

  • I get girls strong as f**k
  • I get girls strong as f**k on the basics, using compound lifts
  • I also use a variety of rep ranges
  • I have my ‘go to’ lifts which stay consistent in programs
  • I aim to tick all the boxes when it comes to potential hypertrophy adaptations
  • Lastly, I design my programs to get results but also be enjoyable

The industry I grew up with from a program design sense tended to be very dogmatic. Yes, the basics win out, but variety is the spice of life. So, why not have both?