Train Like a Bikini Pro & Transform

Are you ready to build your dream bikini body?

  • Have you been working out for years, but you’re ready to TRAIN seriously?
  • Are you ready to lose fat, build muscle, and build your ultimate physique?
  • Have you been looking for an advanced training program that will take your physique and performance to the next level?
  • Do you have the motivation, but need guidance to get the results you want?
  • Are you sick of ‘quick fixes’ and want methods that actually produce long term, sustainable results?


Coach Mark Carroll has coached multiple BIKINI WORLD CHAMPIONS & turned many women into BIKINI PROS!


Building The Bikini Body Part 1

Building The Bikini Body Guide PART 1

  • Continue your goal: BUILD or CUT
  • Weeks 1-12
  • Introduce diet breaks & refeeds
  • Build upon exercises, take your physique to a new level
  • The major upper & lower body lifts explained
  • 4 x 3 week programs


Building The Bikini Body Part 2

Building The Bikini Body Guide PART 2

  • Weeks 13-24 of the program
  • Continue to build or choose cut
  • Implement diet breaks & refeeds
  • Take your physique to the next level
  • The ‘Big 3’ upper and lower body lifts explained in detail
  • 4 x 3 week programs


Building The Bikini Body Part 3

Building The Bikini Body Guide PART 3

  • Weeks 25 – 36
  • Experience visible changes to your physique
  • Train like your favourite bikini pros
  • Advanced exercise selection & program methodology
  • 3 x 4 week programs


Building The Bikini Body Part 4

Building The Bikini Body Guide PART 4

  • Weeks 37 – 48
  • Focus on a balanced physique
  • Guide to goal setting for physique and performance progression
  • Program design education
  • New methodologies
  • 3 x 4 week programs


The Bikini Body Series Parts 1-4 are designed in order to build your best physique and take your confidence to the next level. Results take time, don’t skip steps. Start with Bikini Body PART 1 and work your way up to Bikini Body PART 4.

Train with the methods proven to transform women! Your best results start here!


The Bikini Body Series will:

  • Tell you how to train, eat and recover, but also the WHY behind what you’re doing
  • Help you get to the next level in your training AND add shape to your physique 
  • Teach you proper technique and movements 
  • Keep you challenged, engaged and ready to GET STRONG



Start with the groundwork

  • Coach Mark Carroll’s science-backed, results-driven methods  
  • Extensive education on training, exercises and nutrition 
  • Learn flexible dieting and tracking to achieve your goals 
  • Discover Mark’s ultimate guide for the big lifts 

Using the best tools and resources

  • 12 months of structured programming over 4 training programs 
  • Nutrition to BUILD or CUT
  • Refeeds & diet breaks included 
  • 16 weeks of APP ACCESS for EACH of the 4 programs
  • Track your weights & progress in the app
  • Calculate your custom calories & macros in the app
  • Educational guide to keep forever



Is the bikini body guide right for me and my goals?

Follow Mark Carroll’s methods to create your best bikini body yet. This program is suitable for all women who are intermediate to advanced in their training and have access to a well-equipped gym. Whether you want to do a bikini competition or you want to learn flexible dieting for fat loss while changing the shape of your body, this program is for you.

What equipment is required for the bikini body program?

This is a gym training program. You will use barbells, weight and pin loaded machines as well as cables and bands.

What else is included in the bikini body program?

Learn how to set your calories and macros for your goals and use the calculator in the app to set them for you! Choose to build or cut and use flexible dieting to eat a healthy and balanced diet. This guide includes nutrition education so that you can learn how to eat to achieve your goals and sustain them.

How does the app work?

Unlock 16 weeks of app access that begins when you choose to activate the program. You can pause a program for up to 8 weeks. After app access ends you still get the educational guidebook to keep forever. If you purchase multiple programs together you can activate them at different times; they each come with 16 weeks of app access.

When is best to start the bikini body workout guide?

Start now! If you’re ready to get on stage or just see how far you can take your physique, your results are waiting for you so don’t delay! Start with Building The Bikini Body 1 and then do Bikini 2, 3, & 4 for 12 months of training & nutrition.

What kind of bikini body workouts are included?

You will train 5 days a week following a lower and upper body split. You will train lower body three days a week and upper body twice a week. You can choose to add in cardio for fat loss following Mark’s protocols. 

This program includes glute exercise finishers – “booty finishers” and “ab finishers” as well so you can finish off your workouts according to your goals.

Is this program suitable for bikini body building?

Yes! Mark has coached bikini bodybuilding competition clients all over the world, including multiple world bikini champions. He has turned many women into WBFF Bikini Pros. You can use this program in your off season phases to build or cut, and many women have used the program to successfully prep for their bikini shows.

I’ve done the bikini body series, what’s next?

After you’ve completed the entire Building The Bikini Body Series (Parts 1-4), you will be invited to join The Mark Carroll Method Bikini Subscription Program

The bikini subscription is a monthly training and nutrition focused program for advanced women who want to train like Mark’s most elite clients. Join an exclusive community for advanced women who are committed to their goals and receive continuous app access, with a new training program and education from Mark each month!

Coach Mark Carroll has helped thousands of women just like you totally transform and get in the best shape of their life!

These methods have built some of the best bikini bodies in the world. Whether your goal is to look great naked, confidently rock a bikini on the beach, or compete on stage…Building The Bikini Body will work for YOU!

Are You Ready?