Building The Bikini Body Home Gym Edition

$99.00 USD

Now you can build your best physique, without fancy machines or jumping around in your living room. Master the compound movements, guaranteed to get results and transform the shape and definition of your body.

You can do this program in a well equipped home gym, CrossFit gym or functional training studio! All you need is a squat rack, barbell and plates, dumbbells, bench and bands.

Build Your Bikini Body without fancy machines, in your home gym! Mark Carroll’s proven methods for transforming the female physique are now accessible for you to use at home

Unlock 16 weeks of app access that begins when you choose to activate the program. You can pause a program for up 8 weeks. After app access ends you still get the guidebook and training templates to keep forever! If you purchase multiple programs together you can activate them at different times; they each come with 16 weeks of app access.


  • Train with confidence, in comfort, at home!
  • Trust the process and get results following Mark’s proven, science & evidence based methods for building world class bikini physiques
  • Follow a structured program with exercise selection specific to creating the bikini body “X Factor”, without jumping around in your living room
  • All you need is a squat rack, barbell and weight plates, bench and dumbbells
  • Simple to understand nutrition protocols for your goals!
  • Calculate your calories and macros with my calculator
  • Learn how to eat to fuel your results, will you Build or Cut?


  • 12 weeks structured programming, specific to defining the female shape
  • You want to maximise your time training and train SMARTER not harder at home
  • You love to train without machines & your gym isn’t designed for supersetting
  • Log & track your weights in my online APP
  • Exercise videos to guide you through every workout
  • Jumping, burpees and skipping in your living room makes you cringe

You will achieve your best results at home or without machines! Mastering the key lifts as Mark coaches you through 12 weeks of training and nutrition!

Frequently Asked Questions

To do Building the Bikini Body Home, you need to have a well-equipped home-gym. This includes:

  • Barbell and bumper weights
  • A range of dumbbells
  • An adjustable bench
  • Bands – short and long
  • A squat rack or something of the sort

Yes of course! If you are a beginner and want to start training the basics in the gym without having to start using machines, this is a great program for you.

I do not provide meal plans in any of my programs. My focus is on education around goals, calories and macronutrients. I give you the education and tools (via my App) to calculate your personal calories and macros for this program.

Yes! You can choose to focus on fat loss or on muscle building in this program as it includes both sets of information.

Both of these guidebooks are great for people training at home but I do recommend that you start with this program if you are wanting to follow on with other programs in a gym after this one.

Not at all. This program is a fantastic starting place for beginners at home or at the gym as it includes the basic and best movement patterns to progress with my programs.

This program is a progressive program, ranging from low reps, lifting heavy to higher reps and lighter lifting. We have 4 x 3-week phases where we move from accumulation phases to intensification phases.

You can choose to do either 4 or 5 days of training. The 4-day program is 2 lower body days and 2 upper body days, whereas the 5-day program is 3 days lower body and 2 upper body. You get both options in your purchase as the 4-day program just requires you to drop a day off your program. This does not include cardio workouts as these are optional additions.

16 weeks of app access begins when you choose to activate the program. If you purchase two or more programs together you can activate them at different times, they each have 16 weeks access. You can pause a program for up 8 weeks. After app access ends you still get the PDF that you own forever.

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