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EXPRESS! Workouts Under 40 Minutes

$129.00 USD
$96.00 USD

Maximise your time in the gym (or home gym) with fast & effective workouts in under 40 minutes!

Getting in and out of the gym seems like a luxury nowadays. With training programs asking for 10+ exercises that are always on machines on opposite sides of the gym floor. Training in an efficient manner in less than an hour seems impossible… but is it?

Not anymore! EXPRESS is Coach Mark Carroll’s quickest and most efficient training program for women who are time poor or can’t spend hours in the kitchen or gym. Get maximum results in minimal time by training intelligently!

The training program is 3 days per week whole body workouts + 2 days of cardio (if cutting).

EXPRESS! Workouts is for you if:

  • You want to get in and out of the gym (or home gym) in 40 minutes or less
  • You’re time poor but still want to train hard and get results
  • You’re struggling to get in your usual sessions and feel like giving up
  • You need a short simple program for when on holiday, or want a mental break from your usual training

Bundle EXPRESS! Workouts with EXPRESS! NUTRITION – simple, quick and delicious recipes that you can make FAST! Eat tasty meals on the go that support your goals in the gym.

Finally, a program that fits your busy lifestyle and actually gets results!

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