Building The Bikini Body Part 1

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World renowned ‘comp prep’ coach Mark Carroll has built award-winning bikini bodies including WBFF former world champion, Lauren Simpson! Get the methods for creating bikini pros around the globe.

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 You must complete the Bikini Body Series in order!
Start with Building The Bikini Body Part 1, then complete Building The Bikini Body Part 2 and then Building The Bikini Body Part 3.


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Create your best physique yet and train like the Bikini Pros. Join #TeamMarkCarroll and the thousands of women worldwide getting stronger, leaner and creating their very best bikini body.



  • Get strong and create an incredible bikini shape
  • Build epic glutes and tighten your core 
  • Train in a gym
  • Learn how to eat flexibly and get results
  • Train harder with a more structured program
  • Achieve your best physique yet!


  • 16 weeks of access to the interactive app
  • 12 week gym based training program
  • More advanced exercise selection
  • Build or Cut with 2 options to suit your goals
  • Step by step guide to calculating your calories & macros
  • Exercise glossary and coaching cues for every exercise
  • My methods to prime the body for fat loss and promote a lean physique

No restrictive diets!

 You must complete the Bikini Body Series in order!
Start with Bikini 1, then complete Bikini 2, and then Bikini 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow Mark Carroll’s methods to creating your best bikini body yet. Having coached female fitness models and WBFF Bikini clients all over the world, including the world bikini champion, this program is suitable for all women! Whether you want to do a bikini competition or you want to learn flexible dieting for fat loss while changing the shape of your body, this program is for you.

Start with Building The Bikini Body 1 and then do 2 & 3 for 9 months of training & nutrition with Mark Carroll.

This is a gym training program. You will use barbells, weight and pin loaded machines as well as cables and bands.

You will train 5 days a week following a lower and upper body split. You will train lower body three days a week and upper body twice a week. You can choose to add in cardio for fat loss following Mark’s protocols.

This guidebook includes glute exercise finishers “booty finishers” and “ab finishers” as well so you can finish off your workouts according to your goals.

Learn how to set your calories and macros for your goals and use my calculator in the app to have me do it for you! Choose to build or cut and use flexible dieting to eat a healthy and balanced diet. This guidebook includes nutrition education so that you can learn how to eat to achieve your goals and sustain them.

Unlock 16 weeks of app access when you’re ready to start and keep the guidebooks forever.

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