Get Fit Fast with Cardio Plus - 12 x 12 Week Cardio Workouts by Coach Mark Carroll

Cardio PLUS: 12 x 12 Week Cardio Workouts

$69.00 USD

12 weeks of 12 different cardio-based workouts to add onto ANY program that you are doing right now! It doesn’t matter if you’re cutting, maintaining or building, if you want or need to add cardio in this is the program for you. Based around and including loads of education, Cardio PLUS has cardio workout options to suit ANYONE’S lifestyle or preferences!

What’s included in Cardio PLUS?

  • 12 x 12 week cardio programs in a PDF guide
  • Fat loss cardio myths you need to know
  • Cardio for comp prep & transformations
  • HIIT vs. LISS
  • Periodisation for your goals
  • Best cardio machines to use


This guide is PDF only (no app access).

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