Your Glute Coach is the next best thing to a one on one private workshop with Coach Mark Carroll. This is an interactive guidebook that you can click through to view hours of video content, filmed in the gym so you can see a hands on coaching session and exercise demonstrations from Mark.

  • Learn proper technique and execution
  • Understand how to make adjustments where needed
  • Know the key principles to building stronger more shapely glutes
  • Follow the 12 week training program specifically for glute gains
  • Watch and learn how to better execute movement patterns for
    glute training

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Whether you’re part of #TeamMarkCarroll or currently working with another coach, this is a manual to creating better glutes for yourself or for your clients. The methods and techniques covered in this guide can be used to enhance results for your glutes no matter what program you are following.


Designed to deliver a workshop like experience, with hours of educational videos and training systems explained, you will walk away from this experience with a better understanding of exercise selection, technique and execution and program design for building world class glutes.
Your Glute Coach has been created specifically for females and coaches of females who want to build better glutes.

How is it different to ‘Building The Bikini Body’?

  • Workshop experience – more education around exercise selection and execution
  • Large emphasis on glutes
  • Build your glutes without overly developing your upper back or body
  • Technique and execution specific to glute training, this could enhance your results with Building the Bikini Body as you can improve your glute training technique.

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Are you a coach or personal trainer?

Learn Mark’s coaching cues for better execution with clients.

Watch Mark in a hands on environment as he adjusts his client in the gym

“Class room” style video content as Mark breaks down glute training systems on the whiteboard.

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What’s in Your Glute Coach?

The very best of Coach Mark Carroll’s methods combined in one experience, a blend of written content and educational videos.

  • Hours of educational videos
  • Learn from Mark in the gym and in the ‘classroom’
  • Understand the key movement patterns behind glute training
  • Make the most of your training program or follow the 12 week program from Mark Carroll

It’s like attending a virtual workshop on all things glutes with Coach Mark Carroll, the trainer of trainers.

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