Your Glute Coach Part 1

$119.00 USD

Your Glute Coach is the next best thing to a one on one private workshop with Coach Mark Carroll.

This is an interactive guidebook that you can click through to view hours of video content, filmed in the gym so you can see a hands on coaching session and exercise demonstrations from Mark. This is a full body, 12 week training program with an emphasis on building glutes. This program trains entire body. Training split is 3 days lower body and 2 days upper body.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your Glute Coach is a gym-based program that requires a large range of free weights, squat rack, machines etc. Unless you have an extremely well equipped home-gym (including machines like cables, leg press etc.), I would recommend this program to only be done at a gym. I do provide you with some home-gym swaps and education on swapping out exercises that you aren’t able to do if you are training from home due to the nature of the heavy weights you will be required to lift.

    I do not provide meal plans in any of my programs. My focus is on education around goals, calories and macronutrients. I give you the education and tools (via my App) to calculate your personal calories and macros for this program.

    Both of these guidebooks are focused on growth and strength so either one is a great option. If you are looking for more education, I would recommend starting with Your Glute Coach and then doing STRONG after.

    Your Glute Coach is a great starting point for advanced lifters, even if you have not done one of my programs before. If you are new to the gym or lifting weights I would recommend starting with one of my Challenge’s (time sensitive) or Building the Bikini Body.

    This program follows a 3 lower body to 2 upper body days split. Your Glute Coach is a full-body program with the main emphases (obviously) on lower body, especially glutes.

    Unlock 16 weeks of app access that begins when you choose to activate the program. You can pause a program for up to 8 weeks. After app access ends you still get the educational guidebook to keep forever. If you purchase multiple programs together you can activate them at different times; they each come with 16 weeks of app access. 

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