Your Glute Coach Part 2

$99.00 USD

Create stronger, fuller glutes with weeks 13-24 of Your Glute Coach as you push through to new heights and break through strength and progress plateaus. 

Feel empowered and confident in the gym as you perform every exercise with an in depth understanding of correct execution to maximise results and make the most out of every minute in the gym. You will learn the latest in science and evidence based glute training education, with over 150 minutes of NEW education from Coach Mark Carroll.

Your Glute Coach Part 2 is the program you need to build a set of glutes you can truly be so proud of, through progressive program design, confidence in your movement patterns and of course, following the proven methods for achieving epic results with glute transformations!

Please Note:
You must have completed Your Glute Coach Part 1 to continue your journey with this program

Your Glute Coach 2


Are you inspired by the epic glutes built by some of Mark’s long term clients?

Do you want to build muscle and reveal a more shapely lower body?

Are you chasing confidence in your training and your exercise execution? 

Continue educating yourself with Coach Mark Carroll’s methods to building the strongest, world class glutes in Your Glute Coach 2! If you enjoyed learning from the best in Your Glute Coach 1, you’re going to love all the new educational content and new training program.

Together, Your Glute Coach 1 & 2 is the manual to creating better glutes for yourself or for your clients. The methods and techniques covered in this guide can be used to enhance results for your glutes no matter what program you are following.

Unlock 16 weeks of app access when you purchase your guidebook, keep the guidebook and training templates forever!

16 weeks of app access begins when you choose to activate the program. If you purchase two or more programs together you can activate them at different times, they each have 16 weeks access. You can pause a program for up 8 weeks. After app access ends you still get the PDF that you own forever.



Designed to deliver a workshop-like experience, with hours of educational videos and training systems explained, you will grow from this experience through a better understanding of exercise selection, technique and execution. Not only does Mark break down program design for building world class glutes, he simplifies the latest in glute training science. 

  • 12 weeks structured programming with education video content explaining the training programs and progressions
  • Weeks 13-24 of the Your Glute Coach series, following on directly from Part 1
  • Track your results and record your progress to fuel motivation and consistency 
  • Practice proper form and maximise results with exercise videos to guide you through every workout.
  • Ditch the gimmicky workouts and train smarter, not harder. 

Your Glute Coach has been created specifically for females and coaches of females who want to build better glutes.

This 2 part series is available NOW and accessible for all women who seek excellence in glute training. 


  • Continue building and transforming your entire body
  • Focus on glute gains
  • Get world-class results following Mark’s proven science & evidence based methods for building glutes
  • Fuel performance and keep those gains with Mark’s nutritional protocols
  • Watch & learn from Mark in a hands-on virtual workshop experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You must have purchased and completed Your Glute Coach Part 1 before you can move onto Part 2 as all the information you need is within Part 1.

Your Glute Coach Part 2 is a gym-based program that requires a large range of free weights, squat rack, machines etc. Unless you have an extremely well equipped home-gym (including machines like cables, leg press etc.), I would recommend this program to only be done at a gym.

I do not provide meal plans in any of my programs. My focus is on education around goals, calories and macronutrients. I give you the education and tools (via my App) to calculate your personal calories and macros for this program.

Whilst you can do this program in a small deficit, I would recommend this program to those who are aiming to build muscle and get stronger. That is why this program is best suited for women who are wanting to or currently in a surplus, or at least at maintenance. If your goal is currently fat loss, I would recommend the Building the Bikini Body Series instead.

Both of these guidebooks are focused on growth and strength so either one is a great option. If you are looking for more education, I would recommend starting with the Your Glute Coach Series and then doing STRONG after.

The Your Glute Coach series is a great starting point for advanced lifters, even if you have not done one of my programs before. 

If you are new to the gym or lifting weights I would recommend starting with one of my Challenge’s (time sensitive) or Building the Bikini Body.

This program follows a 3 lower body to 2 upper body days split. Both of the Your Glute Coach programs are a full-body program with the main emphases (obviously) on lower body, especially glutes.

Unlock 16 weeks of app access that begins when you choose to activate the program. You can pause a program for up 8 weeks. After app access ends you still get the guidebook and training templates to keep forever! If you purchase multiple programs together you can activate them at different times; they each come with 16 weeks of app access.

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