Struggling With Hunger in Your Deficit? My Top Tips to Fat Loss Adherence - Coach Mark Carroll

Struggling with Hunger in your Deficit? My top tips to fat loss adherence

Jun 2, 2022
Mark Carroll

We’ve all been in a fat loss phase once in our lifetime, so we all know the pain of being hungry ALL. THE. TIME. Although a calorie deficit is 100% required in order to achieve fat loss, it doesn’t mean it’s a smooth-sailing process all the time, or sometimes ever. 

A calorie deficit is a simple concept but can be very hard to adhere to at times.

As you know, I train a whole range of clients – from general population to advanced Bikini Pro competitors. For all of my clients within this massive range, whether they are aiming to lose a few kilograms or prepping for a show, fat loss is still hard! 

In saying this though, it is generally my more advanced clients, specifically comp prep clients who go into major fat loss phases multiple times, who get the best results like clockwork. 

Why? Because of their strict adherence, strategies and repetition of their hunger management. But even still, the hunger for them can be brutal!

So, if you’re currently in a fat loss phase or for the next time you are, and if you’re struggling with your adherence and hunger, here are my top tips to getting on top of it:

Less Liquid Calories

As my clients get leaner and leaner, we transition away from liquid calories as eating real food (solids) will tend to be more satiating (or at the very least mentally). Drinking a protein shake in 5 seconds isn’t going to be as fulfilling as eating solids, such as chicken breast as your eyes are going to see more food and feel more rewarded (and hopefully full).

Don’t Eat Whilst Distracted

We always want to be eating in a mindful state which means sitting down and focusing purely on the food in front of us. This creates a better connection with our brain and our stomach which brings the focus to feeling more full at the end of the meal. Don’t watch TV or scroll mindlessly on your phone – we are all guilty of it but it’s a bad habit to have!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is the best way to feel full when you’re in a deficit! Being dehydrated is going to send signals to your brain that you’re hungry too, even when you’re not. Drink lots of water!!

Get your Fibre In

Eating foods with more fibre are going to have a more positive impact on you feeling fuller for longer. The most fibrous and filling food that we know of is potatoes so they’re a great option.

Eat Volume Foods

Look for foods that you can eat a lot of but have low calories – they are your best friend in a dieting phase! These foods, like greens, are going to make you feel like you’re eating waaayyy more than you actually are. 

Create & Stick to a Sleep Schedule

A person with poor sleep is more likely to experience higher levels of cravings and hunger. Aim for a strict bedtime routine (as much as you can) each night and get the same amount of sleep every night too.

Break the Deficits Up

You don’t have to diet for 12 weeks straight with absolutely no breaks. Use refeed days or diet breaks (where possible) every few weeks to give your body the reset it needs. This is a great tool that I use with ALL of my online coaching clients.

Be Kind to Yourself

You need to remember that it’s 100% normal to be hungry at times. New dieters are often shocked by this and think something is wrong – there isn’t! Unfortunately, hunger (at times) works hand-in-hand in a fat loss phase. It will come and go but it’s normal so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Well, there you go! My top tips for helping yourself out with those hunger cravings when you need to. The main point is that a calorie deficit is 100% required to lose weight but hunger is something you will experience through this so be prepared and have a good regime in place!

I believe in you, 

Coach Mark Carroll