Choose A Goal that Fits, Find a Lifestyle that Sticks!

Lose Body Fat, Build Lean Muscle, and Transform
All Aspects of Your Life

Used and trusted by over 40,000 people.


NEW! Choose between 3 options based on your lifestyle & goals:


Lose unwanted, stubborn fat and keep it off long-term with 3, 4, or 5 days weights & 2 cardio sessions. The most epic physique changes in 8 weeks.


Build muscle and improve your physique while increasing strength and lifts in the gym. 3, 4 or 5 days weights and optional cardio.


Fitness-focused approach to training (more supersets, higher reps) with 3 days of weights and an exclusive cardio training program to improve your fitness. Female-only.



$129 USD


Do you want to be leaner, fitter, and stronger in the next 8 weeks?

The Challenge has helped thousands of men & women transform and you’re next!

What is the Phoenix Method and why should you choose it?

Well, the Phoenix symbolises everything I believe in:

  • Ongoing growth
  • Making changes
  • Recognising when it’s time to do things different and move on from what you once were
  • Giving yourself the chance to become everything you truly want deep down

The Phoenix Method is your vehicle for transformation.

This Challenge, along with the knowledge I have and preach, is all about solving the problems that consistently hold you and everyone else back. Learning how to rise up and transform will often mean finding the weak area in your life holding you back and therefore finding your own personal greatness.

The chances are if you know who I am or the people I have coached, you know that I am all about amazing results… and guess what! That could be you too!

Everyone always sees amazing before and after photos and believes it was created through the impossible or think to themselves “That could never be me!”.

But that person is just like you – a human being with goals and aspirations in their health and fitness.

I get it, I know you think you have tried everything and never had a program work out or stick, and now the doubts are high. But you’re not ready to give up – good!

Look at those before photos of others and remember that they were probably in the same position as you back then. They probably felt the same way and had tried one million other things, but all it took was that ONE program to change their views and their lives.

That is the Phoenix Method.

This is not just another generic, influencer training method. My methods are different – just ask the 130,000+ people who have completed my programs!

The Phoenix rises from the ashes. It symbolises change. It’s not about where you have been, but all about where you want to go and how you want to grow to become the best version of yourself.

This is The Phoenix Method, the Ultimate 8-Week Challenge using my world-class methods. This is the best of the best and it was created just for you…

So, are you ready to rise to The Challenge?



$129 USD



  • Sick of endless dieting with no results?
  • Lacking time to commit to a solid fitness regime?
  • Frustrated by quick fixes & results that don’t last?
  • Able to commit to just 8 weeks worth of hard work and training?
  • Wanting to lose stubborn body fat and build solid muscle?
  • Sick of not liking what you see when you look in the mirror?
  • Ready to achieve the greatest results of your life?

The Challenge will guide you in transforming your physique, mind, diet, and lifestyle in just 8 weeks.




  • Lose that unwanted, stubborn fat and keep it off long-term!
  • The famous Coach Mark Carroll ultimate transformation
  • Most epic physique changes in 8 weeks
  • 3, 4, or 5 days weight training & 2 cardio sessions


  • Build the foundation of your body and improve muscular tone overall
  • Focus on building muscle and increasing lifts in the gym
  • Even the most resistant, hard-gainer body types will grow!
  • 3, 4, or 5 days weight training & optional cardio


  • Fitness-focused approach to training (more supersets, higher reps)
  • Exclusive cardio training program to improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Female focused only
  • 3 days weight training & 2-3 days cardio

All programs have GYM or HOME GYM options.


Results-driven & education-backed!
The Challenge has created thousands of transformations and yours is next!

The Phoenix Method – Rise to The Challenge!

An ALL NEW 8-week transformational experience, delivered via mobile app.

Here is what’s included:

The Training

  • 8-Week Training Program (2 x 4-week phases) for Gym or Home Gym
  • Programming specific to Men or Women 
  • 3 Different Program Options to suit your lifestyle and goals – you can choose which days you train during the week on the app now!
  • Cardio and step protocols to maximise fat loss – you can track your cardio workouts on the app!

The Nutrition

  • Nutrition calculator to set your custom calories & macros
  • Nutritional options to suit your goals (lose fat, build muscle, or maintain) and dietary preferences
  • Calorie and macro guidance to fit your lifestyle
  • Flexible dieting protocols so you can still eat your favourite foods – no restrictive meal plans

The Progress & Accountability

  • View your previous weights lifted each week to ensure you’re progressing
  • Record notes on your exercises for quick reference
  • Log your measurements and photos weekly to stay on track (optional)
  • Access and view a visual of your progress at any time

The Education

  • NEW videos specific to your goal (Shred, Build, Fit) to help you get the most out of your program
  • Over 7 hours of video education on training & nutrition 
  • Video demonstrations and coaching on every exercise
  • Exercise technique breakdowns, transformation secrets, meal planning tips, and more!
  • Learn how to get results and also learn the WHY behind the methods

The Support (24/7)

  • Access to a PRIVATE community of others on the same journey
  • Q&As with Coach Mark Carroll himself
  • Email support for all of your questions
  • Chat with Coach Mark Carroll and the Team in the Facebook group for advice whenever you need


$129 USD


2-Week Deload Program

A deload program is a short training program to get you ‘warmed up’ for the next program ahead to ensure your body is prepped and primed for the next 8 weeks.

My 2-week BONUS deload program is a way for your body to relax from your previous program and get into the groove of The Challenge programming. It gives you a taste of the training you’re going to be doing and ensures that you’re ready to start The Challenge.

The Educational Library

Inside the app you will gain instant access to over 120 educational videos covering dozens of topics. Information that has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and over 15 years to uncover, test and distil into easy-to-understand education for you.

Videos cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Fat Loss Secrets, Muscle Building Tips, and Transformation Truths
  • Meal Plan Hacks – Breakfasts, Sides & Sauces, Desserts and more
  • Loading The Bar, Tempo, Cardio and Steps
  • Training Abs, Glutes, Hamstrings, Shoulders, etc
  • Technique Breakdown for Deadlift, Squat, Hip Thrust, and more
  • Warming Up & Stretching Routines
  • Program Design, Resistance Profiles, and Strength Qualities
  • Education Specific to Shift Workers, Breastfeeding Mothers, and PCOS


The Chance to Win a $5,000 USD Cash Prize

Each Challenge has a champion. The $5,000 USD prize is given to one person only and is chosen based on a wide range of criteria, not just the best transformation.

My team and I are always watching for Facebook posts, Instagram stories, overall encouragement and just people who absolutely are killing it and giving it their all!

Join Now


$129 USD


And if all of that isn’t enough to get you started, here are a few more very important things you need to know about The Challenge:

  • You get to choose HOW MANY DAYS you train with The Challenge
  • You aren’t given a boring meal plan, instead you’re told how to EAT WHAT YOU WANT and still achieve your goals
  • You are going to learn how to train for your goals, but also HOW TO KEEP YOUR RESULTS after The Challenge is finished
  • You will have 24/7 SUPPORT to help you through anything and everything



What is The Challenge?

The Challenge is a worldwide, 8-week online training and nutrition program created by Coach Mark Carroll to help you achieve all your fitness goals, whether they be fat loss or muscle growth. Each Challenge from Coach Mark Carroll is completely different (brand new training programs) and time-sensitive as we only hold a limited number every year.


  • 10 weeks access to the Coach Mark Carroll App for training, tracking and education
  • 8-Week Training Program (2 x 4-week phases) for Gym or Home Gym
  • Programming specific to Men or Women
  • Cardio and step protocols to maximise fat loss
  • An expansive educational video library (over 120 videos!) to ensure you transform your lifestyle, habits and your health & fitness
  • Exercise videos highlighting muscles worked and correct movement patterns
  • Coach Mark Carroll’s coaching cues plus videos breaking down the big lifts and key movement patterns
  • Nutritional options to suit your goals (cutting, building, or maintaining) with flexible dieting (no restrictive meal plans!)
  • Nutrition calculator to set your custom calories and macros
  • Option to track your measurements and photos weekly in the app to stay on track
  • A private Facebook community
  • 24/7 email support from the Coach Mark Carroll team
Is The Challenge available worldwide?

Yes! You can join The Challenge from anywhere in the world!

Currently, The Challenge is only available in English.

What is the prize for winning The Challenge?

The Challenge has a winning prize of $5,000 USD for each Challenge run!

The $5,000 USD prize is given to one person only and is chosen based on a wide range of criteria, not just the best transformation.

My team and I are always watching for Facebook posts, Instagram stories, overall encouragement and just people who absolutely are killing it and giving it their all!

You are required to submit your before and after photos to enter for the prize, as we want to share your transformation to inspire others!

What equipment do I need for home training?

You can invest in your home training space and purchase the below equipment which you can have for life! All of these are easy to find online and accessible worldwide.

  • A barbell & weight plates
  • Squat rack
  • Dumbbells
  • An adjustable bench
  • Resistance bands

The Challenge comes with both gym and home gym options! Once you’ve purchased your Challenge, you will be given access to programs for training at home or in the gym in the app, so you can switch if you need to!

How long do I have access to The Challenge for? Can I begin after the start date?

You keep access to The Challenge on the App for a total of 10 weeks for the 8 week program. This gives you the flexibility to start The Challenge late if you have a previous commitment, or complete it after the deadline if you are interrupted during the program. After the 10 weeks, you will no longer be able to access the educational content or the training program.

You can start The Challenge up to 2 weeks after the official start date, but in order to be eligible for the $5,000 USD cash prize you must submit your after photos by the final deadline of Wednesday after The Challenge officially ends. In order to join The Challenge you must join before sign-ups close during the first week!

How do I access The Challenge?

You will gain instructions on how to download and use the Coach Mark Carroll App via email when you sign-up. Please refer to the access emails and follow the instructions on how to log into the app. Get access to The Challenge education content on the app instantly when you sign-up! Training programs release the day before The Challenge begins. If you sign-up early, you’ll get access to a FREE bonus deload program to do before we officially begin! 

How does Coach Mark Carroll keep in contact with me during The Challenge?

Mark will be keeping up with you and your progress via weekly videos, the Facebook community, email, social media and the Instagram hashtag #teammarkcarroll. Be sure to tag @coachmarkcarroll so that he can see all your progress and follow your journey.

If you ever feel stuck or need some extra assistance, you can email the Coach Mark Carroll team at

Is there a Challenge community that I can join?

Yes. We have a male and a female Facebook group that you can use to connect with other members of The Challenge. You can also ask Mark and the team questions there anytime!

There are different and separate groups for each Challenge we hold and we send you access links in all emails in conjunction with your purchase.

Does The Challenge come with meal plans?

No, The Challenge promotes flexible dieting, allowing you to leave restrictive meal plans behind and enjoy the foods you love while losing fat or building lean muscle. The Challenge app will automatically calculate your calories and macros based on your goals and lifestyle.

My nutritional guidance will provide you with a step-by-step system to understand how to set calories and macros to suit your fitness goals. Simply put, my systems are based on sound scientific principles and experience that I have used countless times with all of my clients around the world.

Is this Challenge different from the previous one?

Yes! Every Challenge program is completely different from the previous ones, with a brand new training program to ensure that you continue to progress in the gym!

With 8 week blocks, back to back throughout the year, The Challenges are designed to be done consecutively, optimising pathways to build muscle and attack fat loss.

We recommend that you do at least 3 challenges back-to-back for optimal results.

How long are the workouts?

Workouts vary from 60-70 minutes for the weight training sessions and 20-30 minutes for cardio. Please make sure you pay attention to the rest breaks and tempo provided to get the most of the program. You will also have a step target to hit each day outside the gym for health and fitness.

Can I participate in The Challenge if I have an injury?

It’s recommended that you consult with your medical practitioner if you have an injury before commencing the program. Coach Mark Carroll has spent countless hours refining and creating these training programs to ensure they are safe, effective and efficient when it comes to helping you with your health and fitness goals.

Can I participate in The Challenge if I’m pregnant or postpartum?

If you are pregnant or in your postpartum period, we recommend our Pre & Postnatal Series instead of The Challenge.