The Phoenix Method + Macro Coaching Bundle

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This bundle includes:

– The Phoenix Method Challenge App Access – 8 weeks to transform! ($129 Value)

– Macro Coaching with CMC: get a personalised strategy and macros to help you reach your goals on the 8-week challenge! ($199 Value)

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1 × Macro Coaching with CMC - Add on to The Challenge
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    Are you confused on what your calories and macros should be for your goals? Unsure on how to plan out your fat loss or building phase? Have you struggled with dieting and sticking to it?

    Take the stress out of dieting and have Mark & his coaching team provide you with the exact calories and specific macro breakdown to reach your goals on the 8-week challenge!

    What’s included?

    • Personalised calories & macros for the 8-week challenge to suit ANY GOAL
    • Mark & his coaching team will give you the exact nutritional strategy to ensure you get RESULTS
    • Detailed initial questionnaire to create a plan specific to YOU
    • Check-in half way to get updated macros based on PROGRESS

    Are you unsure of how to structure and maintain your deficit or surplus on The Challenge? We understand! A lot of people overthink things and get in their own head! Our team will help give you the clear cut direction you need to achieve your best results.

    Our Macro Coaching is suitable for people who are doing fat loss, maintenance, or a build. By completing a detailed questionnaire including your stats and photos, we will help you formulate the exact strategy best suited to reaching your goals. 


    The Challenge is an 8 week experience dedicated to transforming your health, fitness and education so that you can achieve your best results possible. With 8 week blocks, back to back throughout the year, The Challenges are designed to be done consecutively, optimising pathways to build muscle and attack fat loss. 

    The Challenge kicks off on Monday, June 12th so sign up now and get prepared and even score a FREE bonus deload program to do 2-weeks before we officially begin! The deload program will be available to start on Monday, May 29. The Challenge is delivered via mobile app for iOS and Android.

    The 1st place winner will receive $5,000 USD in CASH!

    Choose the program that fits your lifestyle & goals:



    Lose that unwanted, stubborn fat and keep it off long-term!

    – The famous Coach Mark Carroll ultimate transformation

    – Most epic physique changes in 8 weeks

    3, 4, or 5 days weight training & 2 cardio sessions


    – Build the foundation of your body and improve muscular tone overall

    – Focus on building muscle and increasing lifts in the gym

    – Even the most resistant, hard-gainer body types will grow!

    3, 4, or 5 days weight training & optional cardio


    Fitness-focused approach to training (more supersets, higher reps)

    – Exclusive cardio training program to improve your cardiovascular fitness

    – Female focused only

    3 days weight training & 2-3 days cardio


    Please note the following:

    • This is NOT a Meal Plan. It is Macro Coaching. Keep in mind that you will be given specific calories and macros, and not told what and when to eat. 
    • Macro coaching will consist of 2 x 4 week phases. Your macros will be set 2-3 days before The Challenge commences and at the halfway mark of the challenge.
    • We will create your plan based on the questionnaire that you fill out. You will NOT have direct access to message Mark or the coaches.
    • All communication will be purely through our check-in system, without weekly or fortnightly alterations. We will provide instructions for you to make adjustments yourself in case there is no progress before the midpoint check in.
    • Your calories and macros will only change if needed for continued progress. They may stay the same for the entire challenge. We only make changes when necessary.
    • Your macro coaching is solely focused on the 8-week challenge and you will not be provided a plan post challenge.
    • Due to the limited and personalised nature of the product, unfortunately refunds cannot be provided. No discounts or coupons may be applied to macro coaching.
    • Macro coaching is not suitable for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating.