Prenatal & Postnatal Training Guides from Pregnancy and Beyond - Coach Mark Carroll

Whether you are a WBFF Pro or a strong woman who loves to look and feel her best, this series is for you.

0-6 Weeks Postpartum Core Program

Core program

Many women feel like they need to just “get through” the first few weeks and months post-birth, but that’s not true! You can actually start rebuilding your core and pelvic floor strength right away. And we can help you do it with the support of nutrition and exercise.

Pregnancy Program

Worried about how to exercise safely during your pregnancy?

With our pregnancy program, you will be able to continue working out throughout your entire pregnancy. Our experts have designed a safe program that builds a strong and capable body and prepares your body for birth”.

Postpartum Phase One


After giving birth, returning to your pre-baby exercise routine can be daunting. You’re not sure where to start, you’re worried about hurting yourself, and you just don’t have the energy. Most postpartum programs are too intense or they don’t focus on your core and pelvic floor which are essential for healing.

Postpartum phase one is a comprehensive program that will help you safely return to exercise that has been specifically designed for new mothers. This program will help you rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor muscles, while also providing support and community along the way

Postpartum Phase Two

Return to Exercise
Postpartum Phase Two: Builds upon the last few programs but ramps up the intensity (and density) of your workouts. Get excited; big lifts like squats and deadlifts will be back in your program with the goal to get you back into YGC or BBB!

Meet Coach Mark x Sheridan Skye

Mums and Mums-to-be meet your training experts Coach Mark Carroll and the Mummy friend you wish you had earlier, Sheridan Skye. We all know The Coach Mark Carroll Method – it’s why you’re here right? Some of you may not know Sheridan. Sheridan is a mum of two and an expert in all things pre and postnatal. Now, there’s a lot out there regarding what you can’t do in your postnatal period, but we are more interested in showing you what you CAN DO! And believe us, there’s a lot!

New mum-life can be overwhelming – we are here to simplify it! We not only answer some of your burning questions, but we’ll also show you how to address them correctly and safely:

  • How ‘heavy’ can I lift during pregnancy?
  • How can I improve abdominal separation or avoid the mummy tummy
  • in my postnatal period?
  • How do I avoid prolapse?
  • How do I navigate breastfeeding nutrition?
  • Is it safe to diet while breastfeeding?


Why are these pregnancy guides for you?




Low impact

Pregnancy Program

Designed on the fundamental principles of safe AND effective prenatal training.

* Mindful exercises that maintain muscle mass, protect your pelvic floor and minimise abdominal separation.
*Workouts that build you up for your postnatal period to be mentally and physically strong.

With this program, you’ll have everything you need to know about your body through these changes.


  • You can begin at any stage of pregnancy
  • 16-week program
  • Gym-based with at-home alternatives
  • Bump-friendly options
  • 4x sessions per week
  • Step and cardio protocols

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Feeling exhausted, sore, and run down? Let us show you how easy it is to feel better – in as little as six short weeks. Most women are not given the information or support they need to heal properly after birth. This can lead to long-term problems like pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal separation, and difficulty breastfeeding. Our 0-6 postpartum program was designed by a team of specialists including physical therapists, registered nurses and nutritionists. We provide everything you need to recover from birth, strengthen your pelvic floor, and rebuild your abdominal muscles.


  • Eases pain and discomfort from childbirth.
  • Strengthens pelvic floor and core.
  • Nutritional guidance to support milk supply for a healthy and happy baby
  • Reconnects you to your body with gentle movement patterns.

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Postpartum Phase 1

Tolerate more, dial-up intensity and increase the density of your workouts safely.

Rehabilitative approach to training

Focus on consistency, practice, and movement patterns, the ‘less is more approach.

Rebuild core strength and pelvic floor muscles.

Focus on rebuilding muscle mass.

This program will set you up on your journey back to regular training.


  • 16-week program
  • Home-based workouts
  • 3-4x sessions per week

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Postpartum Phase 2

Return to Exercise

Barbell squats? Pull-ups?! Yep, they’re making a comeback to your training.

* Get back into movements you’ve been missing.
* Safely navigate fat loss or muscle maintenance goals with a flexible yet consistent approach.

Return to Exercise will set you up to do Coach Mark Caroll’s YGC or BBB programs or your pre-baby training.

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I'm so excited to get into these programs. Can I start these workouts straight away?

We’re excited too. But, before we get into the fun of it, let’s make one thing clear:


Once you get the all-clear, you can get started.

If you’re experiencing a hypertonic pelvic floor or high-risk pregnancy, we sadly recommend these programs aren’t for you. Speak to your medical professional to seek alternatives.

Your safety is important to us. We recommend that you seek healthcare advise before commencing the 0-6 weeks postpartum core program. Other other programs (pregnancy, postpartum phase one and phase two) require medical clearance.

I've seen plenty of pre/postnatal workouts online. How are these programs different?

These aren’t simply workouts that we’re handing over. We’re here to help educate and guide you through this new season in your life — as you navigate motherhood with your ongoing passion for training. This includes covering a blend of physiological, movement and nutritional education. Plus, we design workouts (and programs) that build on one another to reap the rewards in strength, posture and aesthetics—all the while staying safe and nurturing to your body. And most of all, we pepper in a lot of encouragement because you deserve it.

How are these programs structured?

Pregnancy Program — This is a 16-week gym-based program that you can begin at any stage of pregnancy. We have provided alternative ‘bump friendly’ exercises that cater to any unique limitations and stage of pregnancy. Each phase includes 4x training sessions per week with guidance on steps and cardio protocols. We also talk about training around pelvic pain, training your glutes in pregnancy (it’s not easy, right?!), and nutritional considerations in pregnancy (think: what you can/can’t eat and energy requirements during pregnancy).

Postpartum Phase One — This is a 16-week program that you can start once you’ve received clearance from a health care provider. It’s designed to address abdominal separation and strengthen pelvic floor function and rib-flaring (yes, we cover C-Section considerations too). We also cover breastfeeding energy requirements and whether it’s safe to diet while breastfeeding (not to mention we give you the ‘how-to’). It can be completed at home with minimal equipment, with optional ‘at gym’ swaps for anyone who can train in a gym environment. It begins with 3x training sessions a week and gradually increases.

Postpartum Phase Two — This is a 12-week program with 4x sessions per week which incorporates your big lifts like squats, deadlifts and pull-ups. This time we dive deeper into fat loss and muscle gaining protocols. This program is designed to bridge you between postpartum phase one and is an absolute MUST before entering Mark’s other programs, such as YGC or BBB.

I trust these workouts will be unique. But what else is special about these programs?

Like Mark’s other programs, education is at the core of each guidebook. Before getting started on the workouts, we’ve packed each program with heaps of foundational information that will:

  • Deepen your understanding of how the exercises work
  • And how those exercises will help you in each stage of your pregnancy
  • Get you into an optimal position postpartum to jump into BBB and YGC

The combination is the answer to why you’re doing these workouts and how to track the results! Check out the program details for more details around education in each program.

Do I have to complete Postpartum Phase One before progressing to Postpartum Phase Two?

The programs are designed to build upon one another, covering a specific timeline of the postnatal period. From there, you will be in the best position to move on to Mark’s other programs, such as YGC and The Bikini Body Series.

So yes, you do have to do Postpartum Phase One before moving on to Phase Two. It’s not a question of your strength or your ability, even the seasoned bikini competitor needs to start somewhere. 

The critical difference is that these programs safely guide you through new breathing techniques, abdominal separation, pelvic floor and nutrition, which are crucial for pre and postnatal women.

These programs aren’t about how advanced you have been in your training but instead focus on giving your body what it needs during your postpartum stages. The only exception to skipping Postpartum Phase 1 is if you are at least 22 weeks postpartum, and you’ve worked with a pelvic floor physiotherapist OR have a strong understanding of postpartum breathing strategies. 

Can I go straight to Mark’s other programs? 

You can go to Mark’s other programs. We would recommend you meet specific criteria before doing so: 

  • You are at least seven months postpartum. 
  • You feel confident applying correct breathing and bracing strategies during your training (tensing and breath-holding are a big no no).
  • Any abdominal separation is healed and functional.
  • You aren’t breastfeeding.

If you don’t meet the above criteria, start with postpartum phases one and two. 

What equipment do I need to do these programs?

Pregnancy ProgramThis is a gym-based program but can be done from home with the right equipment. If you’re training from home, you’ll need to have access to a barbell, bumper plates, adjustable dumbbells, an adjustable bench, booty bands and resistance bands.

Postpartum Phase One100% home-based. Little equipment is required — simply a pair of adjustable dumbbells and resistance bands, a foam roller and a booty band (a mat is optional). The app offers gym-based options throughout the program if you prefer to train there. The guides have been designed this way as most women will be training from home in their postpartum phase. 

Postpartum Phase TwoThis is the same as the pregnancy program, as the goal of this program is to get you back at the gym and ready for Mark’s other programs.